Prioritising Well-Being For Success

We are a multidisciplinary well-being solutions company for Small and Medium Enterprises – take a journey with us 

Employees feel stressed and organizations do not know how to cope with the negative impacts of stress - what we have heard is ...

“We wish we would have invested into well-being. We found many costs due to frequent absences and cases of burnout, not counting the negative impacts for our customers and business results"

Do you want to reduce stress and burnouts and the costs and negative impacts of poor health and higher stress of your workforce?

“When I make a gift to all my employees to increase their motivation, half of them are not happy as they would have liked to receive something else or choose themselves”

Would you like to optimise and maximise the positive impacts of the time and money that you invest into the well-being of your employees ? 

Enjoy the Caring Routes unique concept!

Online Evaluation

It will only take you 10 minutes to fill in our Company Health Evaluation and you will get a free report of your well-being management and the level of prevention of stress of your employees

Employee Sponsoring

Empower your employer to take care of their well-being by sponsoring them the access to our multidisciplinary workshop and coaching platform

Tailor-Made Services

Go from pragmatic solutions to strategic and systematic well-being management to maximise the positive impacts of well-being on your company's result and attractiveness

Better results through employee well-being

Our concept has been developed specifically for SME business and we are unique in several aspects … 

With Caring Routes, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) get pragmatic, timely and costly efficient well-being management solutions

We prioritise well-being to maximise success by giving your organisation and your employees access to multidisciplinary professional well-being programs

We make the link between private and professional life to maximise the positive impacts of well-being on both employees and your organisation


Enjoy multiple benefits through the most effective workshops for you!


Enjoy multiple benefits through our innovative solutions


Bridge your employees’ happiness with your company’s success


Organise onsite trainings and workshops to quickly enjoy multiple benefits

The future of well-being

Learn how Caring Routes can help you reduce burnouts and the level of stress of your employees, and help them reach a better resilience.

Decrease Absences, Presenteeism and Fluctuation

Learn how Caring Routes can help you decrease absences, presenteeism and fluctuation and related costs. 

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Learn how Caring Routes can help you increase your employees’ satisfaction, engagement levels and loyalty. 

Foster Communication and Collaboration

Learn how Caring Routes can help you foster creativity and innovation through communication and collaboration within your organisation.

Optimise and Improve Productivity

Learn how Caring Routes can help you increase productivity and optimize operating margins. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Learn how Caring Routes can help you increase your service quality and your customers’ satisfaction. 

Increase Attractiveness

Learn how Caring Routes can help you attract and retain talents.


Work-Life Balance has evolved to Work-Life Integration

Today, people prioritise the life they want first. And then focus on finding the right job / organisation that fits into that aspiration and supports it: Work-life balance however implies an opposition of both aspects. Learn the essentials and differences of both paradigms.


How Stress Negatively Impacts Customer’s Satisfaction

More than 27% of employees in Switzerland feel stressed or overwhelmed in their workplace*. Learn how this development also negatively impacts your organisation’s culture and client satisfaction, and what you can do about it.