About us

We are a passionate and creative team of life experienced professionals.

We want to have a bigger impact on companies’ success and people’s wellbeing by co-creating work-environments where work/life integration becomes a mindset.

Our values




Who we are

Olivier Pirlot

Co-Founder, Accredited Advisor Health Promotion Switzerland, Impact maker by helping people live a fulfilled life.

Kristel ten Bloemendal

Co-Founder, Well-Being and Well-Being at Work Consultant, Project Manager, Coach and Trainer, Accredited Stress and Burnout Specialist

Our network of coaches and trainers

We work with a network of professional coaches and trainers that we specifically select to best serve your needs and to ensure the highest quality of services. 

Why should you work with Caring Routes?

10 minutes of your time only - fill in our Company Health Evaluation and get your free report 

We offer multidisciplinary services so that you get all and only what you need at once

We make the link between private and professional life to maximise the positive impacts of well-being

Free Personal Satisfaction Test for your employees and one single Voucher for all areas

Only cost & time effective measures thanks to fact based need assessment for your organisation and employees

Caring Routes supports the Sustainable Development Goals


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