More than 27% of employees in Switzerland feel stressed or overwhelmed in their workplace*. Learn how this development also negatively impacts your organisation’s culture and client satisfaction, and what you can do about it.

How Stress Negatively Impacts Customer’s Satisfaction

Latest figures show, that the number of sick days taken due to stress and other mental health issues has shot up by 35 percent in the last five years in Switzerland.** The implications of stress do not only impact your employee’s health but also your results, your customers’ satisfaction and also your attractiveness as an employer  – if you don’t choose to measures to prevent these negative impacts. Let’s see what are the consequences of bad stress on your organisation, and also what you can do about it.

When people run out of power, you will not only face higher absences but also face a culture of bad-tempered and exhausted people.

Our ‘always on’ attitude leads to burnout: If people do not take enough time to plan, prioritise and reflect, instead continuously skip that extra hour of sleep and do not allow for enough downtime, you will eventually be facing a culture of bad-tempered and exhausted people.


Well-Being drives helpfulness and client satisfaction

Customer service is influenced by a number of factors related to the employee providing the service. And these factors have a direct link to an employee’s level of well-being:

  • Will an employee that is struggling in her/his private life find it as easy to deal with a difficult and demanding customer as one with high levels of well-being?
  • Will this employee be energised to run the extra mile for the client as much as an employee with a high level of well-being would?

The answer is: probably not. Because a person’s individual level of well-being and her/his resilience and stress level, directly influence the perceived helpfulness and displayed emotions she/he has towards her/his clients.

Many studies and also the works of Health Promotion Switzerland together with Swiss organisations have proven that well-being management contribute to corporate success includeReduced costs due to long-term absences; increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction.***



What you can do

To reduce stress, start to prioritise well-being by investing resources (or even already spent resources) and time to further improve employees’ mental health in a systematic and structured way.

Let us support you in reducing the likelihood of mental factors affecting your organisation negatively.

Caring Routes is determined to give SME organisations access to holistic and individualised Well-Being management and get better results.

We offer you a pragmatic approach: you can fill in this Company Health Evaluation and you will get a free report stating where you stand in the level of well-being management and the level of stress prevention of your employees.

  • You can empower your employees to act on their well-being by giving them access to our multidisciplinary coaching platform
  • You can ask us for a free intake on which we will set up for you a pragmatic and step-by-step well-being strategy.

Do you want happier customers and better results through engaged employees? Work with us!


How efficient is your organisation?


* Over 27% of Swiss workers are stressed, Susan Misicka and Kai Reusser, October 10, 2018, based on Job Stress Index issued by Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz. ** Switzerland sees ‘alarming’ rise in stress-related time off work, The Local news, 23 April 2018.

*** The Beautiful, the Cheerful, and the Helpful: The Effects of Service Employee Attributes on Customer Satisfaction, Hean Tat Keh et al, Psychology & Marketing (P&M), 05 February 2013.

*** Promoting WHM (Work Health Management) via Effectiveness Review – Guidelines for Organisations – The WHM effectiveness model from Health Promotion Switzerland – 2016 : Contribution to corporate success (impact):Reduced costs due to long-term absences; increased productivity, increased customer satisfaction


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How efficient is your organisation?