In Switzerland only* 11% of small companies (50-99 employees) and 19 % of medium sized companies (100-249 employees) implement a health management strategy to the full extent. That also means that many SME are missing a lot of opportunities for better results.

Staying Away from Well-being is a Missed Opportunity for Increased Success.

You will find in this article

  • why companies still stay away from well-being
  • the opportunities that SME who have a systematic approach to well-being can enjoy
  • what you can do to also enjoy those opportunities

1. Why companies still stay away from well-being?

Companies believe that they can compensate for the negative impacts of stress by several means that turned out to be inadequate.

Companies have been used to go “around” stress and compensate for the negative impacts of stress by working more, blaming others for poor performance, cutting costs in other areas of the organisation.

Fact is that more and more people get burned out and that the new generations of workers are not ready to compensate the inefficiency while coping with stress.

Companies need to be ready to face those challenges with an appropriate well-being management strategy and implementation.

Companies also believe that the well-being of a person is the person’s business only and that they cannot act on it.

But fact is that some people might bring back their personal problems at work and have negative impacts on results. We do not say that companies need to control people’s private life, but they can positively influence the work life integration and people’s happiness in several areas of life.

Happy and balanced employees with meaning in their work will definitely contribute more to the company.


2. The opportunities that SME who have a systematic approach to well-being can enjoy

Based on several studies, the challenges and the opportunities in well-being management are pretty clear today and there is no reason any more why companies should still hesitate before investing into well-being management measures and strategies.

Opportunities are multiple going from less absences, burnout and presenteeism to more productivity, more collaboration, innovation and attractiveness. Well-being need to be demystified and Caring Routes is at the forefront to look beyond happiness at work, we are making the link between private and professional life and how they interact, and with better companies results and happier customers.


3. What you can do

And you, to which group of companies do you belong, take your free test now and get your individualised report already showing your next best actions to enjoy positive impacts.

Get ready to embrace the opportunities in which we can help you to access to a comprehensive and affordable employee Well-Being program.
Caring Routes is determined to give SME organizations access to holistic and individualised Well-Being management and get better results.

We offer you a pragmatic approach: you can fill in this Company Health Evaluation and you will get a free report stating where you stand in the level of well-being management and the level of stress prevention of your employees.


You can empower your employees to act on their well-being by giving them access to our multidisciplinary coaching platform

You can ask us for a free intake on which we will set up for you a pragmatic and step-by-step well-being strategy.


Do you want happier customers and better results through engaged employees? Work with us!


* How widespread is occupational health management in Swiss companies?- Health Promotion Switzerland – June 2017.


How efficient is your organisation?


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