The future of wellbeing.

Our concept has been developed specifically for SME business to improve both employees’ well-being and your organisation’s results thanks to a three-pronged approach

Free Evaluation

It will only take you 10 minutes to fill in our Company Health Evaluation and you will get a free report of your well-being management and the level of prevention of stress of your employees

Employee sponsoring

Empower your employees to take care of their well-being by sponsoring them the access to our workshop and coaching platform

Tailor-Made Services

Implement a strategic and systematic well-being management to maximise the positive impacts of well-being on your company's result and attractiveness

How does it work?  Discover our unique concept step by step 

Only 10 minutes of your time

- Fill in our online Company Health Evaluation.
- You get a free report that includes an overview of where you stand in the Well-being Management and the prevention of the Stress Level of your employees.
- The report includes where you can improve by the most effective pragmatic actions, on-site trainings and workshops, specifically based on your needs.

While taking the first measures on the workplace, also empower your employees to act and take care of their well-being

- Sponsor your employees the Caring Routes Voucher which grants them the access to our Multidisciplinary Platform
- Your employees take the free Personal Satisfaction Test and get a free advice on which area of the life (including work) they could invest some time next
- Your employees can book off-site (external to your company) workshops or coaching on our Platform

How will you know what to do next?

- Measure more in depth the level of well-being in your organisation and the stress level of your employees with our accredited advisor. Those analysis are currently financially sponsored by Promotion Health Switzerland
- We also have other pragmatic products such as a Co-Creation Workshop to act directly on the Level of Well-Being of your organisation and a Costs and Benefits Analysis.
- You can get a more detailed diagnostics based on which we will advise you on a well-being management strategy, its implementation, assessment and systematisation.


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