Kristel ten Bloemendal

Kristel has been active in the corporate world for more than 20 years and has extensive experience as a people manager, project manager, coach, consultant and trainer. Her specialties are stress and burn-out, people management and work organization.

She has worked for many years in the HR world for companies such as USG People and Start People, leading teams and large (change) projects and actively working on the development and coaching of people and process optimization.

Kristel studied Commercial Sciences – International and Consular Management and then trained in areas such as people management, project management and work management and organization. Her passion for the people aspect has allowed her to acquire fundamental knowledge about human functioning. In a parallel path, she deepened her knowledge in personal development and work optimization by following professional trainings such as “coach in organization and optimization” and “stress & burn-out coach”.

She works with individuals and organizations with a focus on workplace wellness and personal growth. It is based on the premise that these are closely intertwined. It supports entrepreneurs, managers, employees and the self-employed.

As a consultant and co-founder of Caring Routes with Olivier Pirlot, she works with companies to build and develop positive HR policies that focus on human capital and where the well-being of each employee is central. She thinks along with all parties and works in a targeted way on short and long-term solutions in order to effectively and sustainably change behavior.

As a certified stress and burn-out coach, she works on personal development, stress management, people management and reintegration after a burn-out.  The coaching process integrates physical, emotional, cognitive and social aspects. Developing a positive state of mind, a life of meaning, mental resilience and searching for passions and talents are subjects that she helps to develop with commitment.

Kristel knows how to reach people and organizations and how to get them moving. She knows how to combine her positive vision, her dynamism and her knowledge of the subject with a pragmatic and people-oriented approach. Her motivation is to get the best out of everyone. The right action, the right way, the right moment, that is her approach. Her pragmatism, her sensitivity to each individuality and her warm and human approach are her assets. Together with her clients and coaches, Kristel strives to achieve an optimal energy balance and realistic results.

Langages: French & Dutch