Olivier Pirlot

Olivier has been active in large companies for more than 20 years, and demonstrates empathy, emotional intelligence and enthusiasm in his technical and commercial functions. Olivier is an accredited Health Promotion Switzerland consultant for the Friendly Work Space (FWS) and Job Stress Analysis (JSA) tools. 

He himself experiences personal development and constant questioning. Olivier uses his human skills to improve the lives of others and has taken up entrepreneurship in the service of people as an interior designer, opened an art gallery and launched Caring Routes with Kristel ten Bloemendal to bring all areas of life together in a workshop and coaching approach.

Olivier studied Commercial Sciences and started his international career in the insurance sector where he was immediately appreciated for his professionalism, social skills and enthusiasm. He has always been involved in change projects in large companies, most recently in the Zurich Group’s “Make the Difference” project.

As co-founder of Caring Routes, Olivier is constantly looking to develop the innovative services that companies need to encourage their employees to develop and manage themselves for a participative and efficient management leading to a real change in corporate culture. He seeks the collaborations necessary to have a greater impact in today’s societal changes such as new working methods and the need for meaning and inclusion of people and new generations in corporate objectives.

Olivier puts his creativity and professionalism at the service of people and companies by diligently implementing global and effective solutions while genuinely caring about the well-being of people leading to efficient businesses in a socially sustainable manner.

Olivier is an impact maker by helping people live a fulfilled life.

Languages: French, German, English