We offer well-being management solutions adapted for Small and Medium Enterprises and their employees ...

… onsite/offsite practical (valuable output) trainings, workshops and personal coaching in professional and private life topics …

… you can also sponsor your employees the access to all those topics via one single voucher, so that they only use what they really need!

We act at all levels of your organisation - employees, managers, leaders and corporate to maximise positive impacts

We act on professional and private aspects of life of your employees as both strongly intergrate with each other

Based on our free Evaluation Report and the Personal Satisfaction Test, you and your employees only use what's really needed

Professional Life

Onsite or Offsite via the Employee Voucher

  • Understand & Manage Stress – for Managers

    CHF 1'939.00

    Enable your managers to understand, release and manage their own stress / mental health and reach a good level of well-being. At the same, it enables them to manage stress in their team and recognise the symptoms of burnouts.

  • Understand & Manage how I Work

    CHF 1'939.00

    Enable your employees/managers to understand and manage the way they work for more efficiency, job autonomy, satisfaction and identification to your company.

  • Leadership’s Training

    CHF 2'350.00

    Create value-based leaders who are futuristic and resilient, create a purpose-driven organisation and they will be more adaptable, fewer burnouts and higher productivity.


  • Lifestyle (Nutrition, Sport, Self-Esteem)

    CHF 1'939.00

    Enable your employees to live a healthier lifestyle through individualised nutrition, sport and self-esteem. As a company, enjoy fewer absences & burnouts, and higher productivity.

  • Managers’ Training

    CHF 2'350.00

    Enable your managers to grow intellectually, emotionally and ethically to become more effective and efficient with a greater focus on people and good team atmosphere.

  • Understand & Manage Stress – for Employees

    CHF 1'939.00

    Enable your employees to understand, identify the signals, release and manage stress / mental health. Learn the resources to reach a durable good level of well-being, quality of work and of life.

Private life

Offsite via the Employee Voucher

  • Optimise Personal Administration and Workspace

    Enable your employees to improve their private life by sparing time for what really matters. With this workshop, they will learn how to optimise their personal administration and workspace at home, meet deadlines, manage projects and tasks efficiently.

  • Taking Back Power over my Life

    Empower your employees to take charge of their personal development and life, based on needs, values and goals. – As a company, enjoy the positive impacts at the workplace of balanced and engaged employees driving customer satisfaction too.

  • Personal Budget Management

    Enable your employees to manage and optimize their personal budget and financial situation. – As a company, enjoy fewer absences & burnouts linked to stress due to unstable or unsure financial situation or job insecurity feelings of your employees.


Employee Voucher

This grants your employees access to all the professional and private topics either through workshops or one to one coaching

  • Employee Voucher

    CHF 200.00

    ** Includes a free Personal Satisfaction test – Invite your employees to act on their well-being by sponsoring them access to our Multidisciplinary Workshops & Coaching Platform. That way, they only use what they really need.


Diagnostics, strategy, implementation and evaluation/systematisation

  • Job Stress Level (JSA) Analysis

    CHF 7'225.00

    ** Currently subsidised with CHF 3’000 from Promotion Health Switzerland – Friendly Work Space Job-Stress-Analysis (JSA) is an online survey tool that provides a detailed overview of the stress loads and resources in your company.

  • Friendly Work Space (FWS) Analysis

    CHF 2'550.00

    ** Currently subsidised with CHF 1’500 from Promotion Health Switzerland – How developed is workplace health management (WHM) at your company? Carry out our Friendly Work Space Analysis. An evaluation will show you where your strengths lie and where improvements could be made.

  • Concrete Measures for Stress Prevention and Fostering Well-Being

    CHF 6'600.00

    Define Concrete Measures and Implementation Roadmap for stress prevention and fostering well-being together with your Management.