Concrete Measures for Stress Prevention and Fostering Well-Being

Define Concrete Measures and Implementation Roadmap for stress prevention and fostering well-being together with your Management.

CHF 6'600.00


A performance promise and solution for stress and burnout prevention for managers within their organisation.  During this workshop, we will work in partnership to raise awareness, assess and agree on possible measures that your organisation needs to take to bring stress and burnout prevention to its next level. We call this co-creation.

Where and how much time, how many participants?  

One-day workshop, on-site or external to be agreed (at additional costs), max 12 people.


Group of mixed individuals from all levels and areas of the organisation (Employees, Executives, Health and Safety, internal function, market facing, etc.)

+ Facilitators: 2 CR coaches

Goals & content 

  • CR presents the measures not only to prevent stress and burnout but also to improve the level of well-being of the employees and of the organisation
  • We assess together the level of each of the Eight Elements of Managing Well-Being and Preventing the Negative Impacts of Stress and Burnout, in your organisation from a management and internal ambassadors prospective.
  • We co-create the measures that will best work for your organisation in a time and cost efficient way by the participants themselves and assisted by CR Coaches
  • We assess existing resources of your organisation to implement the co-created measures and determine the needed external resources
  • CR does the home work creating workshop executive summary and roadmap



  • Co-creation with internal ambassadors and higher buy-in by your employees and managers
  • Co-creation with our well-being consultants
  • You start your well-being journey with a very pragmatic approach and get directly your next best actions and a road map to start implementation
  • We can assist you further (upon request and additional price offer) if you wish or we can monitor how you progress by measuring
    • the stress level of your employees (Certified tool of Health Promotion Switzerland) – Job Stress Level Analysis
    • the level of well-being in your organisation based on Friendly Workspace Methodology, after which you can apply for the label if results are sufficient (Certified tools of Health Promotion Switzerland)
    • The negative and positive impacts of stress and resources on several key metrics such absences, burnouts, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, among others.



  • Preparation work for participants delivered in advance
  • Detailed report of workshop’s results (current situation on the Eight dimensions and potential)
  • Roadmap for project implementation – internal or external resources



  • do an off-site

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