Optimise Personal Administration and Workspace

Enable your employees to improve their private life by sparing time for what really matters. With this workshop, they will learn how to optimise their personal administration and workspace at home, meet deadlines, manage projects and tasks efficiently.


As a company, enjoy the various benefits of balanced and happy employees, from employee satisfaction to higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Modular based on your needs // Only available offsite with the Employee Voucher: Min. 8, max. 12 participants – CHF 200 Voucher per participant /module for one half-day/evening (3.5 hours) // Price for one to one coaching on request.


One module ideally followed by one to one coaching

  • Gathering and analysis of the needed information on how I work at home and the organisation of my administration
  • Analyse workspace and needed adaptations
  • Reduce complexity and categorise administration



  • Determine how to create a pleasant and efficient work space
  • Understand how to set up an administrative structure
  • View the steps to easily process your mail and papers
  • Integrate your administrative management into your daily and weekly management
  • Avoid the pitfalls
  • Start acting at home and enjoy additional free time



  • Understand the impacts of organised administration and optimised workspace on well-being as individuals and employees
  • First we will examine your situation with regard to the papers, the information that arrives continuously and your administrative management. We will assess the causes, consequences and solutions.
  • Optimum design of your workspace
  • Create the structure and base of your archives
  • Sort through your papers and documents
  • Catching up on administrative delays
  • Manage information and papers simply and efficiently on a daily basis
  • Identify polluters and the attitude to adopt when advertising is invaded
  • Good practices



  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher
  • German, English, French


Included in all our workshops

  • Preparation work to be done by the participants in advance
  • Practical exercises
  • Participants go out with valuable and individualised output to apply in everyday work and private life
  • Participation’s certificate
  • Feedback questionnaire



  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher: CHF 200/ participants /module /half-day/evening (3.5 hours), with min. 8 and max. 12 participants
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher: price on request


Options – price on request

  • Follow-up in one to one coaching


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