Personal Budget Management

Enable your employees to manage and optimize their personal budget and financial situation. – As a company, enjoy fewer absences & burnouts linked to stress due to unstable or unsure financial situation or job insecurity feelings of your employees.



Modular based on your needs // Only available offsite with the Employee Voucher: Min. 8, max. 12 participants – CHF 200 Voucher per participant /module for one half-day/evening (3.5 hours) // Price for one to one coaching on request.


One module, ideally followed by one to one coaching

  •  Regain serenity by a personal budget under control



  • Identify and understand your revenues and expenditures
  • Understand the sources of your blockages
  • Gain peace of mind thanks to a durable financial situation
  • Reduce stress linked to unstable financial situation and job insecurity
  • Spend for what really matters
  • Enable your employees to take care of themselves



  • Become aware and set your life goals.
  • Position yourself thanks to our technique and our tool you can map your income and expenses into a budget
  • Determine your financial objectives.
  • Take action in your daily life: your budget mapped, you will detect unnecessary expenses and how to deal with them. Optimization of your trips and purchasing.
  • Get organized: you will learn how to track your expenses and invoices simply.



  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher
  • German, English, French


Included in all our workshops

  • Preparation work to be done by the participants in advance
  • Practical exercises
  • Participants go out with valuable and individualised output to apply in everyday work and private life
  • Participation’s certificate
  • Feedback questionnaire



  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher: CHF 200/ participants /module /half-day/evening (3.5 hours), with min. 8 and max. 12 participants
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher: price on request


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