Management Training

Enable your managers to grow intellectually, emotionally and ethically to become more effective and efficient with a greater focus on people and good team atmosphere.

CHF 2'350.00


As a company, enjoy the various benefits of investing in your management, having and transmitting a meaning of work. This will boost employee engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Modular based on your needs // Onsite: Max. 12 participants – CHF 2’350 /module for one half-day (3.5 hours) // Offsite: Min. 8, max. 12 participants – CHF 200 Voucher per participant /module for one half-day/evening (3.5 hours) // Price for one to one coaching on request.


Modules – 4 days in total

  • (1 module) Connecting to inner values for decision making
  • (2 modules) Building effective teams through e.g. respecting different values and management styles, giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • (1 module) Developing strong stakeholder relationships through e.g. understanding their differentiated and collective needs
  • (2 modules) Bridging strategy with implementations through structured problem solving and logical work planning
  • (2 modules) Developing strategic presentations (storyboarding & slide writing) for simple and structured written communications of messages across the levels



  • Develop holistic managers with intellectual, emotional, and ethical capabilities
  • Create future leaders with effective people skills
  • Provide strategic skills for efficient management



  • Onsite workshop
  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher
  • German, English, French


Included in all our workshops

  • Preparation work to be done by the participants in advance
  • Practical exercises
  • Participants go out with valuable and individualised output to apply in everyday work and private life
  • Participation’s certificate
  • Feedback questionnaire



  • Onsite workshop: CHF 2’350 /module /half-day (3.5 hours) / max. 12 participants – Discounts available for serial workshops
  • Offsite workshop – via the Voucher: CHF 200/ participants /module /half-day/evening (3.5 hours), with min. 8 and max. 12 participants
  • One to one coaching – via the Voucher: price on request
  • + see options


Options – price on request

  • Organisation offsite (unless via Voucher)
  • Follow-up in one to one coaching
  • Follow-up onsite with the group to maintain the effects
  • Roadmap for integration in the organisation
  • Implementation of roadmap


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