Employee Voucher

** Includes a free Personal Satisfaction test – Invite your employees to act on their well-being by sponsoring them access to our Multidisciplinary Workshops & Coaching Platform. That way, they only use what they really need.

CHF 200.00


You get access to a Multidisciplinary Well-Being Program without investing in any multiple nor additional infrastructure nor program.

Thanks to this approach, your employees only use what they really need based on our free Personal Satisfaction Test, within a range of Trainings, Workshops and one to one Coaching in all areas of private life and professional life. That way, we increase the efficiency of workshops and the positive impacts on your organisation.

Minimum price per employee/year. You can also increase the value of the voucher, ask us for an offer. We advise a minimum value of CHF 600 for your employees to be able to invest time into 3 modules of any workshops.

Included in price: free Personal Satisfaction Test and free advice on the next best actions for each employee.

Value: Chosse within all available Trainings, Workshops and one to one Coaching (off-sites)

Privacy Policy

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